Testimonials – Videos

Testimonials – Written

Mrs. Goriwale (total knee replacement)

“I had been postponing my knee replacement for 8-10 years ,i decided to finally sum up the courage and under go a knee replacement i am pleasantly surprised by the out come ,i underwent surgery 4 years back ,i am extremely comfortable and have no pain atall iam extremely thankful to dr chaudhari”

Mr. Shah (mini inciscion surgery patient)

“I am a 78 year old man ,i fell at my own house and broke my hip i had a similar fracture 3 years back for which i had surgery from some another surgeon who cut open my hip an inserted a plate i was advised bed rest for 2 months, this time i decided to consider this newer technique used by dr chaudhari he operated using miniinciscion surgery”

“I hardly experienced any pain i was able to walk the next day using a walker with hardly any pain ,the doctor not only treated my hip fracture but also investigated me for osteoporosis ,i was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and have been started on injections which increase my bone strength”

Mrs. Parulekar (total hip replacement)

“I am a 49 year old ,i had developed avn of my hip bone this caused terrible amount of pain while walking i opted for a uncemented hip replacement ,it has been 3 years since surgery i am extermely comfortable i have no pain whatso ever”

Mrs. Gupta (Total knee replacement)

“I had severe arthritis of my knee for which i decided to undergo a knee replacement ,dr chaudhari suggested a miniinciscion surgery ,i was extermely comfortable after surgery,i hardly felt any pain ,the next day the doctor made me walk which i comfortably managed ,i even could walk the stairs the next day”